Other Work



Fringe! Film and Arts Fest presents RAW an online video project conceived and curated by Konstantinos Menelaou with the participation of SERAFIN MESA GARCIA, YOUNJI KU, KK PRASINOMATA and JASON BRADBURY.

Using found footage as their canvas, the participating artists attempt to subvert the fundamental use of erotic film production and its effect on their audience. Their personal artistic and aesthetic input on this series of footage aims to evoke a response beyond the intended one and to introduce an alternative viewpoint to the representations of sex in the media.


Somewhere a laptop lies open with a pixelated photo of a naked man. As the viewer reaches his climax, something else stirs within the screen. The pixels have declared war, stating that they no longer want to be used to display porn. I wanted to imagine what a war would look like if it took place in the digital plane.

There are over 15,000 times more pixels on earth than there are stars in the milky way - and if they gained consciousness, the film imagines that porn would be the first thing that they take owenership. Much like we must take ownership of using the internet without the fear of surveillance.

As the explicit images fight to be displayed, the pixels display an equal if not more volatile response. It begins in the background, slowly building as they begin to gain power in their incomprehensible numbers. They recycle images from the adult videos that seem violent. Stabs. Insertions. 28,000 people are viewing porn this very second. Including you.